Bavarian Savory-Vinegar With 3% Fresh Savory 250ml (8.5oz)

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Intensely fragrant and fresh, hand-picked savory gives this vinegar a very special charisma with strong fragrance and aroma. Refined in a naturally derived spirit vinegar with no preservatives or colorants, no flavorings or flavor enhancers, no emulsifiers or sugar / sweeteners.
An excellent herbal vinegar, aged in barrels, filtered and after bottling for further aging and flavor intensification again with fresh savory to meet even the highest visual standards.
Here you can smell and taste the spicy intensity of fresh herbs. Already when opening the bottle a particularly appetizing bouquet flows out of it.
The high 3% herb content of our herb vinegars creates a particularly aromatic and spicy composition that gives your dishes an intense and extraordinary taste and charisma.
From production to barrel aging to bottling, all steps are lovingly done by hand and not mass-produced by machines. No unnecessary and superfluous substances are added. Only natural vinegar, fresh herbs and time to mature in the barrel, that's all a good herbal vinegar needs. So you get a pure natural product of the highest quality.

Savory is a biennial herbaceous plant of the labiates family, native mainly from the Mediterranean to the Caucasus region and in the temperate areas of Eurasia. It has been used since ancient times as a medicinal and spice plant and has an appetizing and digestive effect..Savory has a spicy-aromatic, peppery-pungent taste. Part of many spice mix and a main ingredient of the "Herbs of Provence".

Refines all appetizers and main dishes to which herbs give a very special flavor. Can be used for fresh salads of any kind, classic appetizers, soups and fish or meat dishes. Especially leaf salads are intensified in their taste by our herb vinegars. Or use a herb vinegar times as a marinade for meat and vegetables. Sprinkle the meat or vegetables with a few drops of herb vinegar and let it marinate overnight in the refrigerator. A fine herbal note will spoil you to a successful barbecue with an extraordinary taste experience.
Or spice up cocktails and fruit drinks with a fine herbal note.

For unusual taste experiences stands our savory vinegar, whether German or international cuisine. The savory vinegar is culinary versatile: Round off mayonnaises, sour cream and mustard sauces with a small splash of savory vinegar, refine stews of all kinds and soups such as cream of potato soup, lentil soup or pea soup. Even omelettes get a successful touch. Also for marinating poultry, game or fish. With a dash of savory vinegar you enhance the flavor in all dishes that contain beans and thus put them in the foreground.

In our handy 250ml bottle with screw cap and practical spout.

 The Calemino Quality Guarantee:

• no flavor enhancers / aromas
• no heat treatment / pasteurization
• no colorants / preservatives
• no antioxidants
• no sugar / sweeteners
• no allergens / sulfites
• gluten-free / lactose-free
• vegetarian / vegan

Ingredients: Spirit Vinegar, Water, Savory 3%
5% Acid
Store in a cool, dark place after opening

Average nutritional values per 100 ml
Energy 78 kj
18 kcal
Fat  0,02 g
   of which saturates  0,00 g
Carbohydrates < 0,39 g
   of which sugar < 0,39 g
Protein < 0,27 g
Salt < 0,01 g
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