Champagne-Strawberry-Vinegar 350ml

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Our champagne vinegar - an absolute luxury vinegar and the king among vinegars. With this you crown every dish and give it a touch of exclusivity that beguiles all the senses.
Indulge yourself with something special and treat yourself to the extraordinary !

Refined with juicy bright strawberries, the champagne vinegar gets a very special hue with delicate berry flavor. Refined without preservatives or colorants, without flavors or flavor enhancers, without emulsifiers or sugar / sweeteners.
Not filtered, but a naturally cloudy vinegar for unadulterated enjoyment. Matured in barrels with small pieces of fruit that enrich every dish. Here you can taste the pure nature. Already when opening the bottle a particularly appetizing fragrance escapes from it.
The 17% fruit content creates a delicate flavor that adds a fruity and aromatic note to your dishes.
From production to barrel aging and bottling, all steps are lovingly done by hand and not by machine mass production. No unnecessary and superfluous substances are added. Only natural vinegar, ripe fruit and time to mature in the barrel, that's all a good vinegar needs. So you get a pure natural product of the highest quality.

Give your dishes a luxurious touch with our champagne vinegar. Whether with salad with olive oil, with fish dishes or seafood such as grilled salmon, tuna, shrimp or oysters, with a few drops of Chapagner vinegar you create a festive setting.
It is also excellent for enhancing sauces such as bérnaise sauce or hollandaise sauce.
The delicate flavor of champagne vinegar enhances sweet dishes such as ice cream and desserts, but also harmonizes wonderfully with fruits and herbs.

A special harmony gives our fruity-sweet champagne strawberry vinegar to all tender leaf salads such as lettuce, lamb's lettuce or lollo rosso or you use it to refine vegetables. Perfect also with poultry such as chicken, turkey, duck or goose or Use the Champagne Strawberry Vinegar as a marinade and marinate the meat overnight. A small shot of Champagne Strawberry Vinegar in the sparkling wine or champagne transforms your aperitif into a special delicacy. For dessert, our Champagne Strawberry Vinegar pairs perfectly with creams, filled crepes, fruit salads and yogurt.

An absolutely round thing. Light reflections and different color nuances are guaranteed here. The unique surface design is characterized by the curved, staircase-shaped structure, which allows many wonderful plays of light in the sunlight.
Extraordinary liquids are shown to their best advantage here. Lies uniquely in the hand for both large and small hands.
Not only a pleasure for oneself, but also for any occasion a suitable gift, whether for a birthday, anniversaries or simply to say "thank you". With our Taormina you are always right.
Our pointed corks are pure natural products from sustainable harvesting. They were cut from the bark in one piece, then heated at more than 65 degrees (core temperature) for several hours and are thus thermally disinfected (no poisons or chemicals, only heat).

The Calemino Champagne-Vinegar Quality Guarantee:

• without flavor enhancers / aromas
• without heat treatment / pasteurization
• without colorants
• without antioxidants
• without sugar / sweeteners
• gluten-free / lactose-free
• vegetarian / vegan

Ingredients: Reims champagne vinegar, Strawberries 17%, sodium bisulfite
Contains sulfites
5% Acid
Store in a cool, dark place after opening
Average nutritional values per 100 ml
Energy 43 kj
10 kcal
Fat  < 0,17 g
   of which saturates  < 0,1 g
Carbohydrates 1,4 g
   of which sugar 1,0 g
Protein 0,6 g
Salt 0,04 g

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