Apricots-Vinegar with 50% fresh Apricots naturally cloudy 100ml

Apricots-Vinegar with 50% fresh Apricots naturally cloudy 100ml
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3,90 EUR per 100 ml

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Inexpensive tasting bottle of delicate golden yellow apricots give this vinegar a very special hue with delicate flavor. Refined in a naturally extracted distilled vinegar without preservatives or colorants, without flavors or flavor enhancers, without emulsifiers or sugar / sweeteners.
Not filtered, but a naturally cloudy vinegar for unadulterated enjoyment. Matured in barrels with small pieces of fruit that enrich every dish. Here you can taste the pure nature. Already when opening the bottle a particularly appetizing fragrance escapes.
The high 50% fruit content creates an intense flavor that adds a fruity and aromatic note to your dishes.
From production to barrel aging and bottling, all steps are lovingly done by hand and not by machine mass production. No unnecessary and superfluous substances are added. Only natural vinegar, ripe fruit and time to mature in the barrel, that's all a good vinegar needs. So you get a pure natural product of the highest quality.

Versatile in the kitchen, whether for fresh mixed salads, fish or meat dishes and even for desserts. Salads are intensified by the fruit pieces in the taste. The vinegar is also perfect to use as a marinade. For successful barbecue evenings, simply marinate the meat overnight, the meat becomes particularly tender and gets a fine fruity note. Especially game dishes get a very extraordinary aroma. Or simply give a few splashes over desserts such as ice cream, creams, fruit salad or pancakes. Especially on hot summer days wonderfully refreshing as homemade lemonade infused with water and stirred with sugar.

Our fruity-sweet apricot vinegar is especially appreciated for salads such as lollo rosso or oakleaf, as it is a very harmonious combination with nutty oils. Create marinades for white meats or drizzle apricot vinegar directly on chicken, turkey, duck breast or vegetables. Add a small dash of apricot vinegar to a champagne glass to create a delicious aperitif or punch. Or try adding a little apricot vinegar to desserts, fruit salads or yogurt.

In our handy and inexpensive 100ml tasting bottle with pointed cork. The unusual triangular shape of our bottle allows particularly beautiful color games. Also as a small gift always welcome.
Our pointed corks are pure natural products from sustainable harvest. They were cut from one piece of the bark, then heated at more than 65 degrees (core temperature) for several hours and are thus thermally disinfected (no poisons and chemicals, only heat).

 The Calemino Quality Guarantee:

• no Flavor Enhancers / Flavors
• no Heat treatment/ Pasteurization
• no Colors / Preservatives
• no Antioxidant
• no Sugar / Sweeteners
• no Allergens / Sulfites
• gluten free / laktose free
• vegetarian / vegan

Ingredients: Apricots 50%, spirit vinegar
5% Acid
Shake well before use, after opening store in a cool and dark place.

Average nutritional values per 100 ml
Energy 170 kj
40 kcal
Fat 0,07 g
   of which saturates  0,01 g
Carbohydrates < 4,50 g
   of which Sugar < 4,40 g
Protein < 0,70 g
Salt < 0,01 g


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